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Hamburger Corlu - Turkey

04. Apr 2016

Qualifiber stock preparation for Hamburger Corlu - Turkey!

The Hamburger Group contracts Qualifiber for the conversion and optimisation of the stock preparation system at the recently taken-over Dentas plant in Corlu.

The brown line includes an entirely new pulper cleaning system, in order to cope with the high impurities content of the waste paper used in Corlu.

To achieve this, the Qualifiber


  • Dirtpump,
  • Pulperclean 3-V Duplex, and
  • an existing Qualifiber Rejectdrum with an integrated water tank are being installed.

For the coarse screening, tried and tested screen machines from the decommissioned plant in Frohnleiten are being overhauled and restored to the technological state of the art.

The fractionation and fine screening are also components of the order, and are being put together from existing machines that are being overhauled by Qualifiber.

The basic engineering is likewise being supplied, as is support with the commissioning and training.