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New Qualifiber Pulper 20 K – design, planning, manufacturing, installation and commissioning

10. May 2017

Qualifiber Pulper "K" sets new standards at Rondo

The Austrian paper manufacturer Rondo Ganahl AG in Frastanz is setting new standards.


For the dissolution of the raw materials for a white cover, Rondo has decided in favour of a new development by Qualifiber.

The special conical shape of the container, as well as the pulping unit, provide significantly more advantages than expected.

Compared with the previously used pulper, only about 70% of the specific energy is now needed for dissolution.

The new pulper can either dissolve up to 160 tonnes per day of white raw materials, or up to 350 tonnes per day of its own waste from corrugated cardboard production.


This results in a very high degree of flexibility, which is beneficial to the availability of the paper machine.

Plant Manager Thomas Ogermann:

"As with previous projects, our cooperation with Qualifiber was extremely pleasant.

In the planning phase we benefited above all from the very detailed and accurate actual analysis and the 3D projections by Qualifiber.

As the amount of space we have available is very limited, this was of crucial importance.

It enabled us to identify and eliminate potential difficulties at a very early stage.

The installation and commissioning procedures went off without a hitch and without any delays whatsoever.

From the technological point of view, we have taken a significant step forward in terms of the quality of the dissolution process.

Non-paper constituents such as films/plastic are separated out largely without being reduced to small pieces, making the sorting process for coarse and fine items much easier.

Mr Grebien's very high level of professional expertise, combined with the very open and lively exchange of experience and knowledge and the excellent cooperation between the Rondo and Qualifiber teams, were the main factors in the success of the project in my view.

The result has exceeded all of our expectations.

We would choose Qualifiber again as a partner for the pulper project at any time."


Installation of the new Qualifiber Pulper 20 K:



Commissioning of the new Qualifiber Pulper 20 K:


The Rondo commissioning team in the start-up office


The long-standing, good cooperation between Rondo and Qualifiber will continue to be the subject of positive reports in the future.


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