Grebien Qualifiber

As an international company with headquarters in Austria and a subsidiary in Germany, we are now active worldwide in the paper manufacturing industry.

More than 30 years of experience in studies, technology, seminars, automation, project planning, mechanical engineering, service and maintenance are incorporated into the main purpose of Qualifiber®:

“Effective production of paper and board from a wide variety of fibrous materials”!


In order to provide the most efficient services for you, Qualifiber® offers the following:

– Analysis of the actual situation with subsequent consulting, which specifically addresses the respective task and offers customized solutions,

– Project support (e.g. during project execution or later during installation),

– Optimizations and conversions of existing machines,

– Design and manufacture of new machines and

– 3D plant/layout design.

Our new platform “PAPERTAINMENT ® by QUALIFIBER®” will be available soon and will give you an even more detailed overview of our services and activities. Let us surprise you….

Do you also want it
simple and efficient
like many well-known paper manufacturers in Europe and overseas? > Then Qualifiber® is the right choice for you.



Address AUT

Grebien Qualifiber GmbH
At the industrial park
A-9431 St. Stefan in the Lavant Valley

Contact AUT

Phone: +43 4352 81541
Fax: +43 4352 81541-15

Address EN
Grebien Qualifiber GmbH
Voßkuhlstraße 40d
D-42555 Velbert-Langenberg
Contact EN

Phone: +49 2052 50294-0
Fax: +49 2052 50294-20

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