Qualifiber QFA Holescreen

QF HoleScreen

The QFA HoleScreen is used in the processing of unsorted waste papers to separate heavy and light contaminants from the recyclable fibers. The machine can be fed directly with the pulper accepts.


QF LastHoleScreen

The QFA LastHoleScreen with “Fibercurtain Technology” is usually used as a screening stage in the coarse screening of stock preparation plants and is used for the re-screening of reject materials, e.g. QFA HoleScreens.


QF HoleScreenCleaner

The QFA HoleScreenCleaner is used for continuous heavy-duty dirt separation at a stock consistency of about 2-4 % (depending on the size and adjacent machines).

It is preferably used on the QFA HoleScreen and is suitable for contaminants such as sand, glass splinters, stones, pieces of sheet metal and wire that are smaller than the hole diameter of the powder sieve.