QF Pulper cleaning system

The task of the pulper cleaning system is to remove large surface contaminants such as plastic bags and other plastic parts, pieces of wood, etc. from the pulper while keeping fiber loss as low as possible.

The cleaning system consists of the QFA DirtPump, the QFA PulperClean and the QFA RejectDrum.

Qualifiber® CUBE Conical Pulper

QF Pulper

For pulping and coarse sorting of waste paper, our pulpers (container size, internals, rotor geometry, …) are individually adapted to the existing conditions (building, raw material, impurity content, capacity, positions of adjacent aggregates, …).


QF Dirtpump

The QFA Dirtpump is a disposal machine for the pulper used in waste paper processing. In cooperation with the QFA Pulperclean and the QFA Rejectdrum, it removes the light dirt from the pulper.


QF Pulperclean

The QFA Pulperclean is a pulper disposal machine used in recovered paper preparation and, in cooperation with the QFA Dirtpump and the QFA Rejectdrum, removes the light dirt and small heavy dirt from the pulper.


QF Rejectdrum

The QFA reject drum mainly separates the impurities contained in the waste paper or wash water from the pulp or water.

The recovered wash water is collected in the water tank directly under the drum body until the next “QFA Pulper Cleaning System” step.